Acevil said:
quickrick said:

Sorry I made a mistake 

That is fine, it is whatever to make mistake  and you owned up to it but seriously, tone down the dislike, and as much as you may act like you don't have it, it is apparent.

Look , I get it that rick gets under your skin but while it's fine to critique his facts , telling him stuff like  tone down the dislike  does nothing toward engendering  honest debate what gives us the moral authority  to tell others  how to act, unless a person breaks the rules then moderation does it's thing, that person has the rights to his opinions especially when he isn't directing it at you specifically  and you reply to him.

Now I realise your a decent person and not intentionally bullying rick and he can exasperate people , but sometimes you have to step back and realise at the end of the day it's just opinions.

MY opinion is we all have a deep seated need to bring people to our way of thinking and because someone engages in what we see as negativity we have a tendency to react to that behavior not with optimism, by saying ok I disagree here's why, knowing full well that it may not change the othersides thinking now or in the future, the opposite can lead to feeling like we are not been heard so end up trying to change the person's behaviour after all our personality is ingrained into how we present and also whether they turnout  right or wrong we often  subconsciously form our facts to suit our opinion. 

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