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pikashoe said:

Some of those aren't new ip. Half that list were considered to be huge disappointments. 

"Some of those aren't new ip." *looks at OP*

lightningfunk said: 

Star Wars Force Unleashed (Spin off of old series)
Forza (Released on Original Xbox)
Red Dead Redemption (Red Dead Revolver on PS2)
Call of Duty (Launched Previous Gen)
Battlefield Bad Company (Spinoff of old series)
Halo Wars (Spinoff of older series)
Metal Gear Solid Revengeance (Spin off of old series)
Duke Nukem (Reboot)
Fallout (Sequel to game from the 90's)
Killzone (Released on PS2)

"Half that list were considered to be huge dissapointments" HAZE

But you really think many of these games are "massive disappointments"? Of the 60 listed I think maybe 5 could match that criteria imo.

The Order 1886
No Man Sky
Super Lucky's Tale

And while No Man Sky was disappointing at launch, it isn't anymore.