John2290 said:
Buy a 4k TV. Pretty minimal improvments without it. Especially for the price tag. Same with pro, unless you plan on getting a 4k TV or have a PSVR, there is no need to buy it unless you want to future proof or have a very slightly, sharper image on some first party games and a faster UI experience.

Entirely dependent on the users visual acuity of course, how large the display is... And how far they sit from the display.

I am personally fine with 1440P and just downsampling from 4k. - Especially if it means higher framerates and a display with better contrast/HDR.

The Xbox One X does allow for better lighting, shadowing, texturing, anti-aliasing, framerates, frame pacing and resolution over the base Xbox One regardless of resolution you operate at, so minimal improvements is a bit of a stretch. - In-fact you get everything sans-native output resolution. - And even then on a 1080P display, allot of Xbox One games aren't native 1080P titles anyway, so you get a resolution uptick there as well.

Mr Puggsly said:

I hear ya, but I find some of those LOD and animation problems less jarring on the X1X. Especially in Warzone Firefight where this game was visually at its worse. However, the boosted resolution and super sampling has made the assets look amazing in comparison of the base hardware. I would love a patch for Halo 5 that trades resolution for better LOD and animations from a distance, but I argue the game still looks fantastic as is. Maybe we won't see that all addressed until a new Xbox or a real PC port.

I'm a fan of BC so any performance and resolution improvement are certainly a bonus. I just wish it gave all 360 games a resolution boost.

I think they just traded visual fidelity for resolution, it is what it is I guess.

I would rather a lower resolution but better graphics, framerate is a super big focus with Halo 5, so it's good that it's 60fps regardless of console you play it on.

Mr Puggsly said:

An X1X is a good move for more PC visual fidelity without actually changing platforms.

When the Xbox One launched it was roughly equivalent to a mid-range PC in terms of graphics output... However, the PC didn't stop progressing (it never does) and of course it fell behind.
The Xbox One X just brings the Xbox platform back up to parity with a mid-range PC.

If you have already invested in the Xbox platform as a whole, then the Xbox One X makes sense, just like if you are invested in the Playstation 4 platform, the Pro might make more sense.

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