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Mr Puggsly said:

So I bought the X1X even though I don't have a 4K TV. Because lets be frank, the base X1 struggles to hit 1080p as is. While the PS4 is better at hitting 1080p, its still well below in AAA action games targeting 60 fps. So at the very least I will get 1080p and 60 fps more frequently along with other improvements.

For anyone wondering, I paid $340. Thanks to Newegg's eBay store which doesn't charge tax, the $100 price cut for the holiday and an eBay coupon code for 15% of, I couldn't resist.

I've only tried a few games thus far including Halo:MCC, Halo 5, Forza Horizon 4 and Gears 4. Thus far? Its not really a game changer per se, in some ways I'm a tad disappointed, but a game like Halo 5 has suddenly become gorgeous.

One of my favorite modes in Halo 5 is Warzone Firefight, but its also Halo 5 at its ugliest on a base X1. On a X1X though, it almost like a remaster right now. The base X1 makes it so pixelated and jarring pop in, while the X1X is improves some of those graphics settings while delivering a much more crisp picture than I anticipated.

Meanwhile games like Gears 4, Horizon 5 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider are simply more enjoyable now that I can experience them in glorious 60 fps.

I can't say the X1X is a necessary purchase, because a good game doesn't need X1X visuals to be enjoyable. But its certainly nice to have better graphics/performance before completely new consoles hit the market, maybe two years from now. I'm hoping my purchase is also justified by this hardware handling cross gen games well. For example, buying the 9th gen Xbox or PS5 at launch won't feel necessary if the X1X is playing much of the same games very well.

You now have the best console for third party games  with next gen not coming around till late 2020. You can get great mileage out of the X1X. Beside with gamepass and backward compatible it's the best system to play games for cheap. X1X might actually be a stream box for next gen xbox.