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vivster said:
How can 60fps be more enjoyable if the human eye can't even see faster than 24fps?

The Human Eye can't doesn't see in terms of framerates.
Yes I know you were joking.

Mr Puggsly said:

in some ways I'm a tad disappointed, but a game like Halo 5 has suddenly become gorgeous.

I disagree, I think the game is marred by technical limitations stemming from the base XBox One, like 15fps animations, short draw distances on rocks and shadowing and so on...

Mr Puggsly said:

The flaw in your argument is the X1X isn't just improved visuals per se. For example, I'm gladly trading super sampling and increased graphics settings to play in 60 fps in some games. Price also mattered given I admit its not a real game changing experience.

In a nutshell its nice I can play on Xbox One with improved resolutions, super sampling, better performance, higher quality textures and faster loading. But if improved visuals were my priority I guess I'd be on PC. But my massive library of OGXbox/360/X1 software is wasted going that route.

I think for me, the biggest benefit the Xbox One X brings is for backwards compatibility, games just run better... But it's also nice to have 1440P output, even if it did take Microsoft 9? months to enable the feature.

Last edited by Pemalite - on 27 November 2018

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