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Nintendo will just have a more powerful Switch with a bit more changes to the system. Thing is that Nintendo likes to do things as a cycle. It goes invent the wheel --> update the wheel --- > reinvent the wheel --- > update the wheel. Anyway here are some examples I am talking about.

Gameboy ---> GBA
DS ---> 3DS
N64 ---> GC
Wii ----> Wii U
Switch ---> Nintendo Console hybrid 2
Right now we are in the reinvent the wheel stage. Nintendo is very predictable in their hardware at this stage. Don't expect a new Nintendo hardware until at earliest 2023. Latest is probably 2024. They need 1st party software to push the system and that software won't be ready until 2023 or 2024. Nintendo might even release it in 2025 to avoid a repeat of 2018 Switch software-like problems but we won't know for sure since that is years from now.

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Switch is 9th generation. Everyone else is playing on last gen systems!

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