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Sony probably doesn't even know yet and I doubt psvr2 will be there at launch for ps5.

PSVR, especially the ZRV2 unit, is good enough for now. Since you don't even need a tv to play VR you can always put the console with VR on the side when you need the space for the ps5 under the telly. You already enjoy those games enough to buy 4 times, so why worry about a potential 5th purchases in 2 or 3 years. I expect psvr2 to get more current ports with all the improvements new controllers will allow.

PSVR could be made to run on PS5, perhaps with some super sampling or running at native 120fps for the games that allow that. PSVR2 won't be compatible though. It needs new controllers and a different tracking method to move forward. Most current PSVR games can of course be patched to run on PSVR2, yet I expect that needs to happen on a game by game basis to support the new controllers. (for those that use the move)

It's all speculation. Don't expect anything, no point in waiting, enjoy it now :)