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I recently purchased what I believe to be my final Ps4 game (Dragon Quest XI) bringing my collection to 80 plus Ps4 games.  Kingdom Hearts III will be purchased for another platform (maybe).  With it being one to two years before the next console generation releases I will use that time to complete other platform collections or begin a new one (PSVR).

Horror, Skyrim, and Borderlands II are creating the temptation to jump into VR.  I held off because I thought the tech was still too new and I wanted to wait for it to be more polished.  Ps5 will probably have better VR tech. but will it be able to play the current Ps4 VR?  If I knew for sure I wouldn't hesitate jumping in now and just upgrade my hardware later.  

If I went VR, it would be the 4th time purchasing both Skyrim and Borderlands II and it would suck to have to purchase it a 5th time.  But if Ps4 VR is playable on the Ps5 VR and maybe even enhanced, then starting now would be a nice head start for my next generation collection.

Anyone out there with inside information can share it with me, I can keep a secret. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.