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Celeste. When I first saw it, I was like "Oh, another overhyped retro indie platformer," and put it out of my mind. Fast forward to this summer, and I heard a couple bangers from the soundtrack in someone's Fortnite video. I then figured, hey it's cheap, so I'll give it a shot. Turns out, this game really stands out in the vibe it gives off, and it's not really jumping on the throwback train nearly as much as I thought. The artstyle is very cute and squishy, the story is very heartwarming, the gameplay is hard, but addicting, and that soundtrack... Holy hell, I might've nominated this game for GOTY based on soundtrack alone if I could (and no, it's not that chiptune-heavy).

But yeah, more than 80 hours in, and I've been having a blast. The game's physics are so fun to work with that I've even started to learn speedrunning this game and getting golden strawberries. I'm shocked at how much time I put in, considering I had enough of the NES revival by the time Megaman 10 rolled around, but this game found a way to get to me.