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Conina said:

I'll write a longer list later, but this week I had very much fun with the puzzle game "Transpose".

You move some objects, choose a new starting point (sometimes with different gravitational direction) and turn the time back. Then you can watch your former actions performed by ghosts of yourself and can interact with them to solve some impossible tasks. The number of ghosts is limited of course.

Best puzzles since Portal 2... Portal meets Braid

Nice. It's R&C Crack in time puzzles made into a game. The talos principle also does some puzzles with recording although limited to one recording I think. The preview in the psn store looks good anyway. How is the movement? Can you turn and move freely?

I played Neverout today and rotation there is locked to 90 degrees while you move in a grid which makes sense for the puzzle game it is. It's worth the 10 bucks asking price, simple yet decent puzzles.

And I tried Deracine. Very nicely made. Unfortunately with teleportation and snap rotation. At least the warp points are well placed and not too disruptive for an adventure game. Just one day I would like to simply move around again like in RE7!

Oh, and in Beat Saber I didn't get further than the 3rd stage. I can't duck, insta game over. It's fun though. 3 levels was about all my back would take anyway. Glad I didn't wait until VR is perfected, enjoy it while you still can lol.