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January 490k 490k 254k 254k
February 538k 1028k 363k 617k
March 492 1520k 354k 971k
April 332k 1852k 326k 1297k
May 273k 2125k 221k 1518k
June 355k 2480k 375k 1893k
July 260k 2740k 187k 2080k
August 253k 2993k 197k 2277k
September 268k 3261k 421k 2698k
October 252k 3513k 340k 3038k
November 535k 4048k 1478k 4516k
December 1477k 5525k 797k 5313k
Last edited by zorg1000 - on 22 January 2019

When the herd loses its way, the shepard must kill the bull that leads them astray.