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John2290 said:

That sucks man. I had the same thing happen during the summer and had to quite VR and training for like three months, couldn't even play the persistence with how the angle of the camera. It'll be waiting for ya when you return to normal :D It's miles better than sprint vector, that was fun but not as addicting or as satisfying as beat saber, It's also just the right ammount of physical activity to keep you hooked without burning you out physically, I did nearly 6 hours at it's midnight release, it hooks you instantly and won't let go. There are DLC packs coming with more music so when you do pick it up, there'll be more content even though the 16 songs os more than enough in my opinion for dozens of hours worth of beating sabers as expert difficulty is an actual challenge. It's just fantastic. 

I wouldn't recommend it with your back though as you will have to bend at the knee at times on hard or expert as well as side stepping or leaning to get better positioning and avoid obstacles. 

I'm lucky it's winter time. Not being able to go cycling for months in the summer would have been the worst. Not being able to work out still sucks the most. I usually exercise every day, weight lift every other day and go jogging through the woods this time of year. None of that currently for about a month already. RDR2 came at the right time, yet my mood likely shone through in my posts on the worst days.

I'm still stubbornly slowly unpacking the zvr2 unit I bought on BF. And have already downloaded beat saber. Perhaps I can enjoy a novice stage. I got the new box neatly sitting on top of the pro, less wire mess than the old one, simply by tying it all together a bit better. I also bought never out, might be a good puzzle game.