OG PS3 is literally the SEXIEST piece of hardware ever manufactured!!! No doubt! When I saw the PS3 for the first time in person I just wanted to whip out ma D***. Yea it was $600 at launch but you cant deny that sexy thang didnt get you aroused.
Followed by WHITE DARTH VADER PSP SLIM 2000 OR 3000 WHATEVAH. Even though I was just a kid then I practically came the first time I laid my eyes on it.

If you folks dont agree please have your minds evaluated (I kid lol)

After those two nothing comes close but if I had to say the OG XBOX 360 with dat green led lit power button and the Nintendo SP.

I know many of u will say PS4 and PS2 but the PS4 looks like an oversized eraser and the PS2 looked like a Goddamn brick (Still the best console ever).
PS1 did look nice too and so did the Dreamcast with its controller for its time