SvennoJ said:

I'm getting frustrated with the game mechanics again. The gambler challenge is a dead end at the win 3 hands at black jack with 3 hits or more. It's so rare that happens it's painful. I tapped the x button for an hour and a half while doing other things and not once would the rng let me draw 3 cards without either busting or hitting 21 before the 3rd hit. I only saw one other player manage hitting 3 cards (and still losing). Blackjack is so slow.

I paid off my bounties as bounty hunters started turning up as often as random battles in final fantasy. Btw it's way more lucrative to loot dead bounty hunters than the actual crime. For the bandit challenge I now have to rob townsfolk for a total of $50. Since the average person only seems to have 50 cents on them and the whole police force turns out as soon as you do anything in town, never mind.

Tomahawk kills on birds of prey, really! Can't find the other berries to eat, fishing is soo boring, still no train (well I had one, yet no birds for the kill 5 birds from a moving train, then the train stopped with 6 bounty hunters waiting). Can't find any bears now I need to hunt them and my horse just keeps running into things. So I made a short compilation of that.

Guess where the music is from :)

Back to GT Sport next week as my favorite track will be back on!

Hmm Fishing is really fun,i have spent Hours just trying to fish one legendary fish