John2290 said:
MichaelDeSanta said:

There's a far greater gap in resolution between PS4 Pro and Xbox One X than there is between the base PS4 and base Xbox One. 


You can down play it all you want but it's a vastly superior experience in both resolution AND frame rate on the X1X.


I'm new here but you seem to be in EVERY thread down playing Xbox and praising Sony... It's kind of strange how attached you are to the PlayStation brand and the lengths you go to defend it.

"Vastly superior experience". Thanks for the laugh. 

A better way to phrase it would be it's slightly better but not a slightly better experience, just slightly better. It's the same as saying GTA5 was vastly better experience on ps4 than ps3 or vastly better experience Xbox 1 than x360 and having played all but the x1 version I can definetively say even with first person mode and the doubled FPS along with all the improvments it was just slightly better. Not a better experience just slightly better. The x1x version is slightly better to a much smaller degree (MUCH smaller than that example), one that is not noticeable unless you put them side by side. 


Again, thank you for the chuckle. 

Top class response. GG.