haxxiy said:

..., and Super Mario Odyssey is overbloated with the uninteresting search for more power moons.

What?... thats like the "core" concept of the 3D mario games.
Thats not a issue, thats a game design choice concept.... and it works wonderfully.

Its what encurages you to go explore and look around, which is atleast half the charm of those 3D mario games.

Find the hidden thingy, find out how to platform there, do the platforming ----> 3D mario formula.
Time from time, theres a boss fight that requires you to make use of the enviroment too.

Without the moons & collectables SMO would be a lesser game.

I never got all the Star's in Mario64, but I remember collecting those too.
Could it be frustrating? yes. Was it heavily rewarding when you did manage to find one? hell yeah.