The more I have thought of this the more I think it could happen.

First off, the introductory price of $399 is almost a requirement now. So I believe having two SKUs will be a way to kinda cheat having to come in at that price while keeping the specs the same across both SKUs.

So what I am thinking is a $399 sku without a disc drive and then a $499 SKU with a disc drive and about double the storage space.

Doubling the storage space and adding a disc drive will add only like $45 to the BOM but they get to charge a extra $55 at retail. And they could also sell an external disc drive powered and connected via USB for like $99 as an option.

I believe both sony and MS would prefer to do away with discs but neither of them have the balls to outright cut it out from the entire arena of their next gen platform, so they will stealth delete it and make it optional.

What do you all think?