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flashfire926 said:
Kerotan said:

I just finished Hitman tonight and I wouldn't recommend paying anymore then $20 for it. Great game but light on content and story. Hitman 2 is out and I believe you might get the entirety of Hitman with the sequel so probably best waiting for the sequel to go on sale.  

Far cry 4 was great in 2014 but I played it last year and it hasn't aged well both graphically or in terms of gameplay. 

Light on story, yes. Though the game isnt about story.

It's main strength is replayability, with multiple wildly different ways that you can approach the assassination.If you completed each level once and then called the game content-lite, you just aren't doing it right. 

But yeah, youre right, just buy hitman 2, you'll get the prequel packed-in I believe.

You might about Farcry 4 as I haven't  played it in a good while. While 5 has better gameplay now, I liked 4's setting better, hence why I recommended that as well.

I played FC4 on release and loved it. Came back this year to finish some of the DLC and jesus it aged badly and wasn't nearly as fun in terms of game play. So yeah probably go with the more modern and highly rated FC5. It also happens to be on sale right now on PSN. 

Well I replayed the first few levels in every single way possible but the last few I wasn't bothered as it felt like a bit of a chore so I just played the once. Well twice if you include the Sarajevo Six contracts. I know it's not just about the story but they've given it a campaign story. The cut scenes are cool but the overall thing just feels light. I understand they didn't have the budget so what can you do.