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flashfire926 said:
My recommendations:
- Fallout 4
- DOOM 2016
- Hitman
- Tomb Raider reboot trilogy
- Far Cry 4 and 5
- Trackmania Turbo

These are just a few from my top of my head, I have countless more.

I just finished Hitman tonight and I wouldn't recommend paying anymore then $20 for it. Great game but light on content and story. Hitman 2 is out and I believe you might get the entirety of Hitman with the sequel so probably best waiting for the sequel to go on sale.  

Far cry 4 was great in 2014 but I played it last year and it hasn't aged well both graphically or in terms of gameplay. 

I'd recommend:

God of War, 

Horizon: Complete Edition,



Metal Gear Solid 5, 

Rocket League, 

Uncharted 4, 

Uncharted Lost Legacy.