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John2290 said:

To be honest, I'd much rather R* make a new IP in VR. Love RDR and I seem to be one of the few on this site thst thinks it's a masterpiece and deserving of it's critical praise but I think it's much better off being flat, especailly with how ot is designed and where the most fun is. I've tried first person for a few hours, it's a subpar experience even if the impression is slightly improved but it ruins the game in my opinion. I'd have to deduct points... like a lot pf points from this is it was only forst person so I can't image VR making it any better. 

Happy for ya :D woth BL. It's a great game. I've bought Boarderlands 2 twice. Ouch but I'll probanly buy it again for VR. Fortunately, only put a dozen hours into both because I got sistracted so in the same boat as you basically. It's a for sure hit ig they get the implementation right as the base game is fantastic. 

True, the current implementation of first person handling is pretty bad and completely not suited to VR. It's still a lot cheaper to add a good first person view for VR than build a game from the ground up though. I'd be happy with LA Noire as well, plenty to explore there. GTA 5 would of course sell in VR. Borderlands first anyway :)