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Bandorr said:

So once again I am intrigued by Playstation VR. The lower the price gets the more interested I become.

How does the set up, and using of it work? Do you sit, or do you stand?

First time you may need to use the diagram, but after that it becomes just obvious and intuitive. You hook up HDMI from PS4 to it and from it to the TV (if you want people to see the same as you), hook up USB between PS4 and it, hook up power cord. Then you plug the helmet 2 cables to a "control box" and this to the PSVR. All set up can take up to 5-10 min. You can play both sit or stand depending on the type of game. Most of the ones I played were sitting.

How close to the Playstation do you have to be? Is it like the kinect where you need a lot of empty space around you?

The ones I played can be with "0" space around, if possible I would have a 1m radio to be able to turn around and move arms for some games. You can play around 1-2m away from TV if you want or up to 4m if I'm not wrong.

What does a pass through for HDR mean? I recall some talk about having to plug and unplug something a lot.

Version 2 have HDR passthrough. Version 1 doesn't. It means your helmet besides not having HDR support also won't allow the HDR signal to reach the TV. So when you want to play a non-PSVR game that have HDR and you want to see the HDR color you'll have to remove the cable PS4-PSVR and plug PS4 straight to TV. I have managed it by having two HDMI hooked to my system, one when I want to play regular games and another for PSVR.

Are all the bundles currently using the "CUH-ZVR2" version of the headset? The new kind.

Yes, I believe it's been about 1 year since only Version 2 have been produced (but you may get older ones still on sale depending on the store), but it's quite easy to identify it on the looks (because of the cable between the helmet and the box). Thanks.

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