tripenfall said:
COKTOE said:

Always interesting seeing their scores on some level. I'll do a little dance when Edge goes tits up.



Each to their own but you'll struggle to find a publication on the internet or in physical form that is created with so much love for the gaming industry. To look at Edge review scores and judge the quality of that publication solely on the basis of whether you agree with those scores is doing them a massive disservice. Their reviews are detailed and balanced and crucially not bias toward any console. Hoping that they go tits up makes no sense to me - bad karma man you're better then that... 

Maybe you're right, and my comment is a bit harsh. I haven't looked at the publication as a whole in roughly 12 years, and yes, the reason I haven't liked them, for so very long, is because of their continually, IMO, poor reviews and review scores. Publishing contentious, eyebrow raising review scores really is their hallmark.

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