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andisart said:

While not at the catastrophic level of FO76, Skyrim still was quite buggy at start with quite a few game-breaking bugs. I played it from day one myself and remember having a lengthy Dwemer quest almost finished only to discover that the final act couldn't be completed because of a bug that didn't allow a container to open. That was quite annoying, since I had spend a couple of hours on this quest. Bethesda fixed it after a couple of months, but only for the people that had not started the quest yet. People like me never got it fixed. And that's just my personal example. There were many more at the time. And the game still has tons of bugs, alas lesser game-breaking ones now, but still. Bethesda just doesn't know how or care to polish their games. 

Otherwise there wouldn't have to be the unofficial patches for Skyrim and FO4, each fixing hundreds of bugs that Bethesda never fixed. That is unheard of when you look at other major AAA titles. This has become a regular thing for Bethesda titles and their games have become synonymous with buggy gameplay and glitches and I think that's a shame. 

In 200hrs of Breath of the Wild I didn't encounter a single bug, maybe one tiny graphical glitch. And hat was Nintendos first open world project of that scale. RDR2 so far seems also really well polished. So there is no excuse for Bethesda, they could if they wanted to, but they don't. 

Fallout 4 on ps4, Skyrim on 360 and even skyrim special edition on ps4 all had time wasting bugs for me. A game is half broken when you have to reload a save more than once and redo a certain ammount of the game to get bavk to where you were multiple times. F4 was the worst for me with hard crashes and other bugs taking about 4 or 5 hours in total, maybe more but the rest also took an hour or two, or three added up. And that is with me aggressively quick saving because of all the time lost in Oblivion. You know what other game I had the same issues with? A double A game called Kingdom vome deliverence that does polish about on the same level as Bethesda with far less money but a cheaper price point on release too, Bethesda are not triple A, they shouldn't ask for 70 euro on release for the standard edition,they do not deserve it. And their house of shoddy built cards is falling qround them now as they have pushed the good will they have been given for far too long, tbh, I'm quite happy to see it happen. 

What? You can easily put 100-200 hours in bethesda games. They are easily worth $60 for the amount of content they have.

And they are for sure triple A. The budget makes a game AAA, not the amount of bugs.

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