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I've got the glacier white PS4 Pro and love the way it performs. I game on a 36" Vizio 1080p 120Hz HDTV and use the higher resolution rendering that the PS4 Pro offers. The super sampling is marvelous, giving games better details and consistent quality. I really like that it matches and pairs with the PSVR perfectly. The glacier white used on them both looks absolutely beautiful. Appearing futuristic with its curves. Glacier white looking pure and angelic. With the lights are on and they are powered up it all becomes a spectacular light show not unlike a grand over the top Christmas display. Like National Lampoon's and the Griswald's house. That's the beauty of my glacier white PS4 Pro, glacier white DuelShock 4 controller, and glacier white PlayStation VR headset.

I bought the version 2 of the PSVR. The one with the HDR passthrough and included the DOOM VR game as well as a camara. I bought it when it was sale for $199 on the date of 6/17/2018 at Walmart. PlayStation themselves discounted the PSVR that week and I had to make Walmart look the price up from their own online pricing to show it was on sale, otherwise they would of charged me the original $299 for it if I hadn't.

The PSVR at $199 for me has been a remarkable deal. I feel it has been such a unique gaming experience in itself that at that price it has only strengthened my love for my PS4 and gaming all around. I would like to share with you what I am enjoying most and my use of PSVR.

Astrobot: Rescue Mission, as well as the free ninja bot VR game that came before it, Moss, and Wayward Sky are absolutely amazing must play games. My favorites, making owning the PSVR really satisfying playing through them, and then all the other games included free with my PS Plus subscription that has been offered ( Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, RIGS, ect.) Every game feels unique, new, and amazing like experiencing something for the first time.

Playing Tetris Effect now and the PSVR is making it feel ethereal. Tetris is now new again like playing it for the first time. PSVR is just that special, makes gaming across the entire genre of gaming seem totally new. Using the game I just got Platinum on last week as an example; "Deracine" by From Software (makers of Bloodbourne) is a exploration based VR adventure. I absolutely loved it, seeing it through to the end. Being playable virtually made it feel like a new perspective in engagement on the exploration adventure games. making it really fun, unique, engrossing, memorable, and worth the investment.

Sharing my PSVR with friends and family is also worth its weight in gold. The joy, feelings, and excitement that occurs playing in PSVR is something beyond imaginable and really more special than I could ever blatantly explain here in words alone.