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I have the cam set up on eye-level when I'm standing and I just angle it down when I play VR seated. Many games work well in both, but Move games usually are better standing. You get the best tracking in the space between 1.5m (~5ft) to 2.5m (~8ft) from the camera and should set up your position accordingly. Some Move or Aim supported games certainly need space around you to be able to reach out/punch/etc, controller based VR games (of which there are many notable ones aswell) don't.

Setup is: Cam - PS4 - processing box - TV       so it's fairly straight forward.

The CUH-ZVR2 has HDR-pass through, meaning that if you play PS4 on your TV with HDR enabled you don't need unplug the processing box. Unfortunately the V1 processing box didn't pass on the HDR signal.

The Astro Bot/Moss and Creed/Super Hot bundles definitely come with the V2, but I'm not sure what the Skyrim one comes with. V1 and V2 can be differentiated by looking at the top of the headset "eye-box" - there is a button on the V2 there, like in this pic.

Last edited by Lafiel - on 18 November 2018