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Azzanation said:
TranceformerFX said:
Alot of people are making the assumption that since Sony isn't appearing for E3 in 2019, it means that they'll instead announce the PS5.
In reality - it's the exact opposite.

Sony isn't appearing at E3 because they're not going to announce the PS5. The gaming media is inconveniently putting Sony in a bad position by hyping up the "imminent PS5". While all of it pure speculation and conjecture, it none the less gets people thinking that the PS5 is coming despite zero evidence or confirmation from Sony. Basically, Sony isn't playing ball with the media and figures it's best to quelch rumors and false media hype by not showing up to E3 at all. Which is the right thing to do because Sony doesn't want the potential negative feedback from the community.

For those of you who think the PS5 is coming regardless; you're wrong. Sony absolutely will not release the PS5 until Death Stranding, Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima have hit shelves.

The PS5 will come out on Nov. 2020, with the announcement happening in Feb.2020 in a live Press Conference. (For those.of you who are unaware, the PS4 wasn't announced at E3 - it was announced at New York press conference in Feb. 2013. The actual console is what was revealed at E3 2013 along with the retail price)

I agree with the bold however everything else I have to disagree on.

Not being at a show does not distinguish the rumours of a PS5 console, in fact it only fans the rumour flames even more. 

There are also many rumours flying around that games like TLOU2, Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding etc are PS5 games (Possibly cross platform games, similar to Zelda BOTW with the WiiU and Switch launch)

Sony's 2018 show was a disappointment, and it probably did nothing but slightly tarnished the PS brand. Considering MS has the power edge now and majority of Xbox and Nintendo mistakes have been corrected with the S and X machines and Switch consoles, there's nothing really else they can do but showcase the same games we got in 2018 again.. maybe they could show case some low budget or Indy games but that's just making them look flat compared to what Nintendo and Xbox will bring to the table in 2019. MS have 14 gaming studios now with majority of them most likely making announcements of there future plans and there next projects next year.

I think you mean "extinguish" not "distinguish"...


There has been zero speculation that those games would be coming to PS5, that would be dumb to spin the rumor mill on games that haven't released yet - on a console that has barely been acknowledged (PS5). The PS5 could be a cardboard knock off of NintendoLabs for all we know.


Sony's E3 was a disappointment? Lol wut?


So by that logic, any time a gameplay trailer debuts for the first time, that's it. No more. We've seen all there is. All other trailers are moot after that, and we wait for the game. That's what your last bolded comment insinuates. Which sounds REALLY short sighted and...dumb..


E3 2018

*First ever Last of Us 2 game play trailer, WOOOOOT*


Hypothetical TGS 2019