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OoT to Majoras mask like improvement from BotW.

Make a huge open world, let us play as link, a goron, a zora, a gerudo and a rito, (or even zelda , maybe..), not by masks, just change the character you control.
as you advance in game, you will unlock the other characters to control.
at least one dungeon that can be only passed using one of the characters each.
Lots of things to do in the world, some exclusive to each character. Water exploration for zora, sand walrus surfing for gerudo, mounting horses fo link, rolling for goron and flying for rito. Some weapons exclusive to some characters, or at least more effective in their hands(for instance, zoras double the damage of tridents, gerudos scintars, etc), unique playstyles. bring back the boomerang fin of zoras, ground pound on goron from MM, etc.
Finally, shared world online play a non invasive online where you pay the same way if it is online or not, if you allow people to join your world. You can play the entire game alone or play most of it online.