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SvennoJ said:

World of Warcraft has (or had) it and for the 3 years I played it I only saw the world in daylight when I could play in the weekend... I will forever remember WoW as a dreary dark world.

For the next Zelda I would like more dungeons and underground areas to explore.

It's pretty amazing and real shame that they skipped underground areas all together.

i remember coming up to rock formation in the cliff, obvious "bomb it to pass" moment, only to find chest right behind it. Another time, IIRC, there was rocks in the well, "oh, hidden passage" i thought...nope, another chest.

I honestly have no idea why would they skip entire underground - after a while it seemed to me as if they put placeholders on those locations to implement undergrounfd locations later and then decided not to and just put the chest instead.