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Rêveur said:
I think people who see the PS5 release as being as far off as end of 2020 are just crazy. That's over two years from now. What do you expect Sony to do for the next year and a half, just keep showing new trailers of years-old announced PS4 games? While Microsoft and Nintendo continue having events and announcing new stuff, you just expect Sony to sit back with some vague promise of a future PS5 announcement for the next two years?

At the latest, the PS5 should be unveiled during summer 2019 for a release either holiday 2019 or early 2020. I'm still hoping they'll opt for late 2019.

Agreed.  If anything, all of this points to a 2019 launch.  Early 2020 at the latest.  Sony isn't going to have a quiet 2019, while the Switch and XBO get all the press.  My guess is a early or mid 2019 announcement, with maybe a tour to show off what the system can do.  I think the point Sony is making by not being at E3 is that there are much cheaper, easier ways to bring their announcements to the world.  Streams and trailers that get millions of views.  Their own events that they can put on and completely control.  It's not like the gaming press is going to ignore them if they aren't at E3.

outlawauron said:

What a laugh. Pretty sad to see the spiral that Sony seems to be content going down. What is this company.


Microsoft currently in an all hands meeting to amp up their E3. How do you miss the biggest event in videos games....

Must be a damn good spiral to go down.  Going to outsell MS by ~2.5:1 when all is said and done.  And it seems like they are getting a head start on next gen if these rumors are true.