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Mnementh said:

Time to add some more hints:

a) Build towers out of people.
b) Level up crazy much.
c) Eat curry, plip!

a) Exploration on a hex-grid.

a) Point-and-click adventure on a touchscreen.

#48 Disgaea 5. That one is obvious if you played the game I think

#46 That game could be anything. My only guess is Civ 5/6 since you technically explore on a Hex Grid

The_Liquid_Laser said:

Ok, here are my first few clues:
49.  When this Genesis game was released the franchise was associated with Nintendo consoles.
47.  This Wii U game was not developed by Nintendo, but it uses Nintendo IP and makes good use of the Wii U gamepad.
46.  This GBA tactical game has a plot similar to the Neverending Story, which is ironic, since the franchise name that this game comes from means the exact opposite.

49. Castlevania: Bloodlines? 
47. It better not be Star Fox Zero. Otherwise, I will say Hyrule Warriors
46. Someone already said this but it is kind of obvious. Final Fantasy Tactics

These are the only clues I could find in which I had any idea on what to answer. 

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