I remember hearing his voice narrating "Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends" back in the early 80s. Didn't know who he was but his iconic catch phrases just grabbed me. He seemed like a cool guy.
Later on, I actually got my hands on some comics and got to see his face and read his words. The man definitely know how to engage the young mind. He always seemed so much larger than life. If I'm not mistaken, we even got to play as him in a couple of Spidey games.

I'm currently reading "Marvel Comics: The Untold Story" and it isn't flattering but it really makes you feel like you know the guy. One thing that really stood out was how much he wanted Marvel creations to cross over into the mainstream. Things like the Hulk TV show and several cartoons were fine but he wanted to dominate the box office before he died. I guess he did that almost two decades ago with the Spider-Man films but I bet even he couldn't imagine what the MCU would become.

Anyway, from a DC guy: Rest in peace, Stan. You were a living legend. The only rule in comics is "Only Uncle Ben stays dead." Hope we see you again really soon.


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