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Yes, I know the game came out a year ago, but it's also been a year since I've been on the site. So reflecting back on that year, I wondered what kingdoms from Super Mario Odyssey stuck out for people the most. I found it hard to make this list as I enjoyed every kingdom, but I feel very happy with this top 5. So without further ado, here's my list:



What can I say, I absolutely loved this kingdom. And it even tops the Metro Kingdom for me. I think it's great that Nintendo chose a desert inspired area and decided to make it Mesoamerican instead of a more obvious choice like Egyptian. The more you explore, the more of this kingdom's treasures open up.



Probably a fan favourite for most players and deservedly so, however I still slightly prefer Sand Kingdom. A great reflection back onto Donkey Kong, huge variety in Power Moon challenges and one of the most impressively design areas in a Mario game.


What can I say, it's the kingdom we all know and love. Even as someone who has played small parts of Super Mario 64, I still thoroughly enjoyed its throwbacks. There's also a lot to do here, which keeps you invested post-game content-wise. 


Another firm favourite, I just love the blend of mechanical and natural. It's another unique design choice to have this kingdom be set in essentially a giant greenhouse. I would also have to say that Torkdrift is my favourite boss in the entire game. Oh, and did I forget about the T-Rex?


Easily the most unique kingdom in the game, Nintendo were very creative in making a food-based lava level, which also happens to be inspired by Italy! I actually most enjoyed controlling the Lava Bubbles and the Skillet-throwing Hammer Bros.



Now you know my picks, what are your top 5 kingdoms?

Last edited by Rainbow Yoshi - on 11 November 2018