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Conina said:
Miyamotoo said:

We were talking about profit, are you saying that Apple and Google taking 90% profit of all revenue for games while devs are taking only 10%? Do you have something to backup that?

No, I'm saying that Apple had a gaming revenue of 16.3 billion dollar in 1H 2018 and that their cut of that revenue was 4.4 billion dollar.

These 4.4 billion dollar aren't 100% profit, since they will have some expenses to keep their servers running, pay internet traffic and pay support people. But probably 90% of the 4.4 billion dollar are profit, so around 4.0 billion dollar. The full year 2018 will be a profit of at least 8 billion dollar (the christmas quarter is usually a lot stronger).

For comparison, the operating income of Sony's gaming segment was ~1.55 billion dollar (177 billion yen) last year:

So you dont have anything to backup those 90% of profit. Also why we have two revenue numbers for Apple gaming?