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Areaz32 said:

The advantages have mostly shown itself in the first party space. Media Molecules game, for instance, has completely done away with the rasterization hardware (ROPs) and they are using a cutting-edge SDF solution for their graphics. If they didn't have those ACE units they would never have been able to go with this SDF solution. The Tomorrow Children is also a game that uses cascaded voxel cone tracing. No one else was doing that back in 2014. Here is a GDC PDF from early 2015 

Remember this on PC?

Just wanted to point out that although it doesn't invalidate your whole argument, these are not comparable techniques. Voxel cone tracing is a sort of pseudo ray tracing, and unlimited detail is a voxel search algorithm that maintains a fixed cpu cost based on screen resolution, which translates voxel locations from unlimited numbers of 3d assets to pixel locations on the screen. The only thing they have in common is the use of voxels.

On a side note it is ironic to think of these as the same, because voxel cone tracing produces more realistic lighting, whereas unlimited detail is notorious for its bad lighting.