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Acevil said:
Kerotan said:

The hardcore fans have never been happier then now and the game is still making a boatload of cash. 

Seeing how I was one of their hardcore fans, I have not been happy and I know a lot of people who have not been happy with how they handled Destiny 2, but thankfully I cleaned my hands of it. I'm the target demographic they are trying to get back into the game, the ones that is responsible from missing their sales target. Destiny 1 to 2 had declines, and this only going to continue because they really have learned nothing.  

Yeah I agree they lost players like you but the ones who stayed and still played are extremly satisfied. Not saying they did things right or deserve all the millions they are raking in but it's a fact. 

They'll probably do destiny 3 release it crossgen but after that I hope the next IP Bungie create is not ruined by greedy publisher decisions.