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Mar1217 said:
RolStoppable said:

Included: Games, subscriptions.
Excluded: Consoles, accessories.

I guess that's because Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony would dominate the Top otherwise.

Yeah, according to sites collecting latest fiscal year reports, the 3 console manufacturers are dominating.

Top 10 highest earning video game publishers by revenue in fiscal 2018 (game divisions only):
1. Sony: $16.5 billion
2. Microsoft: $10.4 billion
3. Nintendo: $9.9 billion
4. Activision Blizzard: $7.2 billion
5. Electronic Arts: $5.2 billion
6. Tencent Games: $4.4 billion
7. Bandai Namco: $3.6 billion (incl. other services)
8. Square Enix: $2.2 billion
9. Ubisoft: $2 billion
10. Take-Two Interactive: $1.79 billion