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Kerotan said:
MichaelDeSanta said:

In too deep?  

You don't even own a Pro or an X1X haha.

Siege mentality?  You're in EVERY thread damage controlling PlayStation or shitting on Xbox... It's pathetic.

I consider myself an average consumer and I bought the X1X with RDR2 last week instead of just getting it for my Pro because of the drastic differences presented in the digital foundry comparison.

That alone tells me you have no idea what you're taking about.

Why not go play the game rather than arguing about consoles you don't even own?

As i said you're in this way to deep to the point where you are imagining things. Not only do i own a digital copy of rdr2 on psn but i also own a pro. I think you need to calm down, take a deep breath and stop imagining things. What are you going to assume next? 

MichaelDeSanta said:

Who said it did?

I own both consoles so deciding which version of the game was superior was important to me.

Kerotan, on the other hand, owns neither and only came to this thread to damage control PlayStation and down play Xbox.

Besides, what does any of this have to do with you?  

I own a pro and rdr2 so your point is dead in the water.


I know you just dropped a ton of money buying an X just for rdr2 and naturally you will want to defend that purchase but my advice is you stop arguing here and spend that time enjoying your purchase. Because frankly you're not making much sense accusing me of not owning things I do. 

Prove it.  And include a picture of your game progress while you're at it.

And what would I have to defend?  I own and enjoy every console. 

If I didn't like the X1X I would return it, not defend it.

That's the difference between gamers and fanboys.

I spend my free time enjoying the best gaming has to offer.

You spend 8 hours a day on VGChartz endlessly defending PlayStation... 



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