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Machiavellian said:
iron_megalith said:

Supporting path to citizenship for illegal immigrants =/=  Strictly enforce immigration policies.

You can't reward law breakers and call it enforcing justice. First of all, it is not fair to those who played by the rules. That's like giving a medal to a guy who stole a car because he can't be late for work. One thing I can say is that I feel sorry for the kids that were dragged into this mess though.

You're right about it not saying Dems but neither does it say Republican so I don't what you're saying. However if you're deluded enough to think that California is not leaning more towards Democratic ideology then I'm out. :)

The 2 are not the same.  Giving amnesty to someone in prison isn't also equal to not enforcing our criminal justice system.  There are many reasons to give amnesty and its not black or white.  I already gave a detail reason why I believe amnesty has been brought up by both parties and its really not about rewarding illegal immigration instead its really about money.  If you every want to really understand what drives policy in the US, follow the money trail because you can believe it's helping one section or another.

As for California, I have no clue about the state.  I do not live there so its not something I concern myself with.  Doing a quick search it seems that California has been mostly blue due to the biggest cities being democrats.  From what I can see there are some very conservative parts and some moderates.  I highly doubt California will ever go GOP if the biggest cities always vote blue.  

I know very well this is what drives everything. Sure you can argue that the illegal immigrants are filling in for the jobs but that doesn't discount the fact that these things were allowed to take place in the first place. It's highly exploitable given the current situation that we have right now. I would rather see the democrats voice a fair reform for immigration and also push for tougher immigration before pushing to provide any amnesty for current illegal immigrants. Till then, I consider the democrats in California to be full of shit and would rather play the sympathy game.

My argument still stands, it's still unfair to cater to them no matter you look at it. People want a piece of that pie but someone got to it before they did because someone cut in the lines. If someone says it's not an issue because there's a lot of that pie, then let's all say fuck the line and induce anarchy. May the best man win.

Last edited by iron_megalith - on 07 November 2018