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Market research firm SuperData reported that gamers who pay for subscriptions spend about 45 percent more for games than non-subscribers. That’s one reason why big game publishers like Sony, Microsoft, and Electronic Arts are betting more on subscription services.

SuperData, which media measurement giant Nielsen recently acquired, collected data on the top subscription services, demographic profiles, spending behavior, and in-game purchases of users that subscribe to a game service.

According to SuperData, subscribers also spend twice as much on in-game content when compared to non-subscribers. Cosmetics, Season Passes, and Battle Passes are the most popular in-game purchases among subscribers.

The top three subscriptions made up 6 percent of the overall premium PC and premium console
revenue in the third quarter of 2018. This number is expected to grow as more high-profile titles become
available on subscription services.

“The game subscription market heated up immensely in 2018 as game makers sought sources of consistent, recurring revenue,” said Carter Rogers, principal analyst at SuperData, in a statement. “To increase the appeal of their own subscription offerings, publishers are now offering brand-new titles to paying members.”