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JRPGfan said:
curl-6 said:

Key points:

- 900p-756p in docked mode

- 720p-540p in portable mode

- For comparison, the original release was 584p on PS3 and 360, and the PS4/Xbone remaster was 1080p

- Mostly a flatline 60fps, runs much smoother than the last gen versions and without the tearing those versions suffered

- Ported by Iron Galaxy, who also did the Switch version of Skyrim

They cut back bloom(removed), ambient occlusion(removed), particle effects(less & maybe lower res), textures(lesser) & shadows compaired to PS4/XB1.

With heavy load it drops down to the 40-45 fps (witch spamming her spells like crazy).
That was with 1 person in solo play, with co-op it can go lower.

13 GB file size.... so unless they go for a 16GB cart, there will be a 5-6GB patch to download before you can play.


Still its a good port, a def. step-up from the Xb360 & PS3 versions.

It cant go lower than that, thats worst case scenario, they said can drop to mid to low 40's in worst case scenarios, when density of enemies and too many effects are seen at once. Outside of that, game most of time runs at locked 60 fps.