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Machiavellian said:
iron_megalith said:


Yeah, so what.  I read that link a long time ago, where does it show that Dems support open boarder.  If anything that links says both Dems and Republicans support a path to citizenship for people already here.  

Supporting path to citizenship for illegal immigrants =/=  Strictly enforce immigration policies.

You can't reward law breakers and call it enforcing justice. First of all, it is not fair to those who played by the rules. That's like giving a medal to a guy who stole a car because he can't be late for work. One thing I can say is that I feel sorry for the kids that were dragged into this mess though.

You're right about it not saying Dems but neither does it say Republican so I don't what you're saying. However if you're deluded enough to think that California is not leaning more towards Democratic ideology then I'm out. :)

Last edited by iron_megalith - on 07 November 2018