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Wiibaron said:
Dems get the house and GOP adds to their Senate majority. But not by enough to pass stuff[60]. So for the next 2 years nothing will get passed, and that semi retarded black crazy woman will be in charge of finances. Awesome. No Immigration. No infrastructure. No tax cuts. No progress made. And the blue wave turned into just a tide cycle. Not that CNN will acknowledge even that. And Michigan must be racist too because they didn't elect a black guy.? That IS how it works, right?

This was about what was expected from the "blue wave" so there is no need for the narrative to change.  There was 2 years of a majority to get to work on those things which didn't quite happen, and on the whole people weren't happy with it.  So that's democracy.  I suppose they could try to pass legislation which will attain bipartisan support.  The system actually was designed with obstruction in mind.  It's probably gotten worse with the rise of political parties, but the founding fathers did design the system for it to be hard to make big changes.  

Out of curiosity, was there a reason you felt black was relevant in your description?