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fatslob-:O said:
JRPGfan said:

Well american companies keep buying from china.
How does that work out if prices go up? well the american consumer will have to pay more for things then.

They don't, Trump's hope is that American companies can grow to become more competitive against China in lower value products under his policy of protectionism much like China did when they were developing their own industries ...

America is failing to be the leader in the semiconductor foundry industry but they luckily still have leadership in aerospace technology and medical research. American dominance in it's products is good for the western world since they share many common geopolitical interests. Do you actually want to contemplate the idea of giving China a monopoly so that our own industries will wither away in death ? 

Are you comfortable with the idea that we would have to buy high end and extremely proprietary technology like crummy state backed corporations from China ? At least America is willing to comply with many European's nation of price controls on drugs but when China comes up with far better drug candidates which will keep as many secrets under wraps, I wonder if they're as willing to participate ...  

It'll be great to see China rise, at the expense of the naive liberal western states who have no idea that their power is slowly fading away because they have no economic might to back them up ... 

Are they? I feel that is an industry where the U.S. can obliterate China.

America holds almost complete dominance on foundry equipment with Lam Research and Applied Materials and their export ban against Fujian Jinhua will probably set back Chinese DRAM ambitions a decade. Not to mention Chinese reliance in American semiconductors brought ZTE to its knees and it was only saved by surprising mercy from Trump.