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Ironically because US companies fear the impacts of these again comeing higher tariffs, they are stockpileing stuff before they go into effect.

What does that mean for china?
Well their selling more than ever to the US.

Greed of the american companies so far, has basically undermined any and all effects this would have on china.
And because these american companies stockpiled so much, it wont show a effect on america goods, or china's production until a year or more down the road.

"So far, the trade war has not had any significant impact on China’s trade and broad economy. Manufacturers’ front-loading may be partly responsible."

"China’s exports rose 14.5 per cent in September from a year earlier, accelerating from a 9.8 per cent rise in August. Meanwhile, its trade surplus with the US, its biggest export market, widened to a record US$34 billion last month."




"If this does not work, its US clients will have to raise sales prices. Some of its US clients have asked Seagull to “shoulder part of the extra costs”,
but the company said it was trying to avoid that."


^ if these tariffs last (a year more), then it ll finally start effecting prices of goods in the US.