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Many of you may have a combo of PS4Pro/X1X and 4KHDR10bits TVs to enjoy the best images possible on your console rendition of games, and some games have performed superbly (I'll list only PS4 examples as it is what I have played with all this glory - GTS, HZD, GOW, SM and Detroit, and from multiplat seems like AC:O made a great job on graphics), others didn't bother with it but still got fantastic graphic output. But a serious offender have surfaced.

RDR2 otherwise fantastic rendition of the western movies and landscape can be totally bland and pale if you keep your console and TV under the HDR configuration. RDR2 renders as native SDR faked as HDR, thus causing the console and TV to process the image as if they were HDR and present as such, the result is a dead world with pale colors. (My friend have a 4K TV that somewhat is fake HDR, and it presents RDR2 beautifully, while mine with true HDR makes a lousy interpretation - which loses 10 folds to regular HD tv without HDR).

It adds injury to offense because not only I had to disable HDR on my console (which also impacts all other application and games - thankfully I don't play 2 games at once regularly) but also had to do a lot of adjustment on my TV just to have a good color representation on the game (not to the same success as my friend on fake HDR or regular HD TV.

I'm liking the game very much, but my eyes aren't as pleased as they should.


Some sources for guys to look up:


PS: Do you guys also have other experiences with HDR turned wrong on consoles?

Edit 1: Let's also remind that HDR isn't only about luminance, it also covers the color space, so you lose a lot of color variation possibilities when you do from HDR 8 or 10 bits to a regular SDR, which may also have helped the foliage and dirty looks bad on my screen.

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