I don't care for meta-ratings. And there might be many older games with a meta below 75 i liked back in the day or still like.

So, two games i really enjoyed where i know they scored quite low:
Lollipop Chainsaw: I'm no Grasshopper or Suda fan actually, but i loved playing Lollipop Chainsaw. Probably because it was more game (in my opinion). Mainly though because it was simply fun. Mowing down zombies, an undead metal viking boss and much more.

Recore: This one definitely has it's flaws. Though the Definitive Edition has made many improvements. I liked the characters, setting and much of the gameplay, as flawed as it was at the beginning. I'd love to revisit this world again, though with some more gameplay improvements.

As i said before, i actually don't care for metacritic. I've always been bored pretty quickly with every GTA i tried, though it's one of the best rated gaming series. THat doesn't help me at all though if it's nothing i enjoy.