Title: Kirby Air Ride
Release Date: 2003 US/JP, 2004 EU/AUS
Platform: Gamecube
Developer: HAL Laboratory
Publisher: Nintendo
Metascore: 6.1

My Quick Review:
This is a game made out of 3 modes- Air Ride (normal racing), Top-Ride (top-down racing) and City Trail (original, hard-to-categorise the formula). I can understand it's mediocre score. 2 of the 3 game modes are short & simple but I'm not going to describe those parts, I'm gonna describe the City Trail mode-

The City Trail mode is addictively fun, original, players can mod vehicle stats, has exploration and the open environment has real-time 'Events' that take place. These events happen randomly so something different will happen every time you play it keeping the experience fresh, this is one of my favourite parts of this game.

I would probably describe the formula of City Trail as similar to destruction-derby with an open environment where you can modify your vehicles by collecting the power ups which randomly appear throughout the match. You can change vehicles which also randomly appear throughout the match. You can also destroy other people's vehicles and up to 4 players can play makes it even more fun. If you destroy someones vehicle, it explodes and they fly up in the air and fall back down, then they have to find another vehicle on-foot. This feels so good to blow someone else's vehicle up. Players drop a lot of items when their vehicles get attacked too. These items that they drop are vehicle stats that is used to mod the vehicle such as speed, charge, boost, turn, glide, weight, offence, defence & max HP.

Players can pick up items which give them abilities like bombs, fire, ice, fireworks, tornado, spikes, etc. Within the time limit players will smash into each other, gain better stats, survive random events such as meteors falling down blowing up parts of the environment, etc.

Then after the 7 minutes is up (or how ever long the player sets the match to run for) there is a random challenge happens, it could be high-jumps, distance-gliding, target practice, a normal race, a drag race, destruction derby, boss fight (with king Dedede), who can kill the most enemies in a time limit, etc. In the final challenge, the vehicle that has been modded the relevantly will have the advantage. Some vehicles might have been be modded for speed, turn, glide, defence, etc. Also in the challenge if you can destroy the other player's vehicles, if a player dies in a race they automatically becomes last place XD.

There is not a game that does what the City Trail mode in Kirby Air Ride does. I still go back and play this and it's 2018. I wanna make a game like this, but online with up to 10 or 20 players with a slightly larger map and multiple of them too. It's a game I've been thinking about making in Unity I have a lot of ideas for it, like a tidal wave that covers the city and all the players have to make their way to higher ground, there might not be enough room so players will have to fight for it XD.

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