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collint0101 said:
Yerm said:
I consider myself to be democratic, at least more than I consider myself to be republican, and I in no way support illegal immigration. Immigrants need to go through the proper procedures in order to become legal citizens, or they need to leave the country.

I think that's how most Democrats feel, problem is the process for both legal immigration and asylum have gotten longer under trump. Illegal immigration is bad but if the wait period can be a year or longer what do people expect to happen when people are trying to escape violence or poverty

The thing is, you completely ignore that there are other families from different countries aside of those from South America that have applied for such. Not sure about asylum seekers but there is a quota for immigrant visas. That's one of the things that pushed the processing of our immigrant visa application to 10 years. Not to mention the processing for these can bounce from a different application year to another. At one point, Our application was around Oct 2007. We got called for an interview around 2009 IIRC. From that point, we were held off because of changes in the document requirements. We tried to accomplish them but the immigrant processing date changed to something in 2005. So what that means is that there are still others who have applied at an earlier date and have not been fully processed.

Now regarding the case of the march to the border that's currently happening. It's going to be a fucking nightmare for these guys. You can't expect to just get ahead of those who are already lined up. That's what the general public should know. It's not that easy to control it but you should NOT open the gates just because of that.

I mean Trump does love to exaggerate but let's say for example that there is a small percentage of asylum seekers who are allowed to go through who are actually troublemakers. It adds more risk to the citizens inside the country.

One of the best tragic examples of uncontrolled immigration is Sweden. They let a lot of people in. There were not enough proper program for the migrants to transition. They don't have enough jobs. They don't have proper housing. A lot of the migrants were out on the streets. I had a friend there who was mugged by a migrant. He had to move to a different place because of how dangerous his old town became. Now, with the tone of the democrats, they want to do the same thing. Just let people in without due process expecting a Hail Mary solution to get these migrants stable.

It's easy for people to point fingers and demonize other people but when it comes down to it, it really is not that simple. For my case, I had extensive exposure to the English language(even though I still don't speak it flawlessly) and the American culture. It was easier for me to transition. However that is not to say I did not encounter problems adjusting. For those who did not have the blessing I had, it's going to be 10 times harder for them to adjust. It's not going to be any easier psychologically once they're inside. It's a whole different battle. Once that honeymoon phase is over, you'll see that your expectations can be far from how you expected them to be.

Last edited by iron_megalith - on 04 November 2018