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Tales of Xillia 2 - Builds on the vibrant world established in the first game, with a few new characters with very compelling stories, some amazing plot twists, and probably one of the coolest final boss songs I've heard in a JRPG.

If I had to justify its low scores, I'd guess it has to do with the game largely recycling content from the first game, but to me this is an example of a JRPG sequel done well. It's basically the type of sequel that I wish Symphonia got, instead of that cringey fanfic it got instead.

Bleach: The 3rd Phantom - I get games like this never seem to go over well with people outside the fanbase of the source material, but this game was well made enough that it deserved much higher than the ~60 score it got. Was a fun tactical RPG with a time management system, and gave cool opportunities to see characters interact outside of the canon, develop existing characters, and even learn your own zanpakutou and Bankai powers.

Star Fox Assault - Another game that didn't seem to go over well, but honestly my 2nd favorite Star Fox game to date. The arcade style combat was super fun, and I found myself replaying it over and over again until I got all the medals. Also had an amazing multiplayer mode, I remember my brother used to love trying random shit on Arwings, like jumping from ship to ship, or standing on each other's wings in pilot mode while we fought CPUs. Or crashing into buildings...though probably shouldn't brag about that part.

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