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Trumpstyle said:

I think you messed up the quotes, most of those aren't mine. Only the top 2 are mines. About first teraflops, I didn't bring it up it was the other dude. And about the fortnite comparison, the switch clearly wins overall proving it has higher sustained gpu performance, but ofc only slightly. Yes iphone X won resolution but it was very minor (something like 3% more pixels) as switch only supports 720p.

Yep. I did screw up the quotes. I was in a rush at the time.

Soundwave said:

You can also watch the NBA2K19 demo ... it looks pretty damn close to the PS4/XB1S versions.

Never made the claim that it didn't.

Soundwave said:

So it's not just "a stripped down version that they're running at almost 4K resolution", it's pretty much the same game being run at almost 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.

It definitely looks better than the Switch version. This isn't like your Fortnite example at all, it would be like Fortnite if the iOS version looked like the PS4/XB1 version at a full 60 fps + anti-aliasing + 2.5x higher resolution than the base XBox One S model.

The point I am trying to convey is simple.
There is more to graphics than just resolution and framerate. - You need a proper top to bottom analysis of the entire rendering pipeline to see which one is fundamentally superior at a technical level.

Soundwave said:

Beating or matching the XBox One S is significant, it likely means a whole new class of games are theoretically possibly on a mobile chip that runs off battery power.

Not really. The Xbox One S is derived from GPU hardware that released in 2012. - And it wasn't even the fastest hardware available... The Radeon 5850 can beat it... And that is 2009 hardware. (Also not the fastest.)
AMD's Jaguar came out in 2013... And is an iterative update to Bobcat which dropped in 2011.

Perhaps I am not just as easily impressed by mobile chips being able to beat out such archaic, mid-range/low-end hardware?

Soundwave said:

Unfortunately Apple probably won't ease their game size restrictions, but there are other implications, like Nvidia probably is not far behind or at all behind, they could probably give Nintendo a chip of this caliber by next year or 2020 certainly. That's where things get interesting.

nVidia could do it now. - Maybe not on the CPU front, but certainly on the GPU front.

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